About Us

The ideal is possible

About Us

We are a group of professionals determined to provide high-quality products with the focus on customer satisfaction and return-on-investment. We have lots of experience in many areas of software development such as web-applications with .Net/Java/J2EE/Grails and mobile applications. In IdeallyCloud we believe that having an ideal solution is indeed possible and we do our best to achieve that.

Our approach to software development comes from our expereinces from using de factos standards in the market. Most specifically, a combination of Test Driven Development (TDD) and Agile methodology have been an invaluable asset in completing the projects on-time with a high quality.

Our mission

Our Mission is to focus on our client’s technology needs and business problems with the state-of-the-art IT solutions. We provide cost-effective, high-quality solutions through the combination of people, process and technology.

We give importance to relationships with our customers; we tend to be flexible with our approach to any problem to be able to extract the best outcome.

Who We Are ?

Software developers determined to prove to the world that having an ideal solution is possible!